Challenger Tribute Aviation meets Tenori-On Johannesburg Tower Party Brussels National
Aerobatics 1 Aerobatics 2 Early Morning Landing at Heatrow


Challenger Tribute

On January 28, 1986, Challenger exploded 73 seconds after lift-off and 7 crew members died in this terrible accident. One of them was a saxophonist who had worked with Jean Michel Jarre. During this 10th mission he would play the first piece of music to be recorded in space. Unfortunately it never happened.


Aviation meets Tenori-on

The Tenori-on is an ultra-modern sequencer. Tenori-on means in Japanese : "Music in the palm of your hand !" ... ... And back in 1983 there was a fascinating movie called "Koyaanisqatsi" that showed the enormous contrast between the beauty and quietness of nature and the pulsating contemporary cities we live in. Enjoy a nice blend of these 2 different periods.


Johannesburg airport tower party

A collaboration between Bruno Misonne and Aviation data corporation.


Brussels national

This is a nice musical video showing activity at Brussels National airport. The music and the images are thoroughly synchronized.


Aerobatics 1

Surprising action performed by various planes. It all starts with a peaceful glider.


Aerobatics 2

Very relaxing video showing Aerobatics in beautiful landscapes and in various countries.


Early morning landing at Heathrow

This video has become very famous at with over 170,000 views. Take a window seat on board of a 747-400 during it's long 6 minutes' descent.