Aviation Music

by Bruno Misonne

You need to strap yourself in. This is no ordinary flight. This flight will soar above and beyond the limits of known musical genres. Our pilot for this trip is none other than Belgium's remarkable composer - Bruno Misonne. Bruno is the creator of an entirely new genre of music based on Aviation. Misonne transcends the limitations of Orchestra and composition with the release of his new CD, Aviation Music. There is no “ceiling” in this flight.

It’s no irony that Bruno Misonne calls the city of Wavre home. It's only ten miles from a large airport where he “parks” his instruments. You See, Bruno Misonne has made the airplane a new instrument in Aviation Music. The vocals are sound bites of air traffic control communications, blended seamlessly with synthesizers and computer sound banks, to take the listener on a journey.

Indeed, just listening to any of the tracks on his first release will take you soaring into the air, just close your eyes, Bruno will be at the controls - and he is masterful at it. He composes at night when everything is quiet - except his mind. Misonne’s mind is always at work composing, or preparing to compose. The true gift is that his best work is produced while working on other tasks. “… I can walk around the garden while I'm building a full imaginary orchestra in my head,” Says Bruno. In fact, one of the tracks on his latest release, “Early Morning Landing at Heathrow” was created while he was working in his garden.

Bruno has chosen the perfect instrument for his new genre. The airplane is the best way to go global after all. This new genre is now boarding at a gate near you, and it's time for some “frequent flier” miles, so check out with Aviation Music, the compilation is available at iTunes and his web site: www.brunomisonne.com.