You are visiting this page and to your surprise it is under construction. Oups! But here's the good news :

- The first of May 2015 you will enjoy a brand new website that will also include compatibility for mobile phones (see countdown clock).
- New tracks will be added this year such as "Flight to paradise" (Film music-Dec 2014).
- Ringtones of each existing track will be available for download.

Do you like the mp3 music playing in the background ? It's called "Hercules" and it was composed in 2009. You won't find it anywhere else on the Internet in its full version but right click here and download it for free in wav format (CD quality). If you like the music, perhaps consider sharing this page so that your Facebook friends can download it too ... But once the new website will be up and running, it will be removed !

Thanks for your visit, and take care !

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