Challenger Tribute

A tribute to CHALLENGER

In the spring of 2010, Belgian composer Bruno Misonne set forth on a musical mission: to bring the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster to a new generation.

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Bruno Misonne on TV

Bruno Misonne in the Media

Bruno Misonne in was recently featured on the France 24 tv channel!

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Bruno Misonne

About Bruno Misonne

There is a creative cliché that states we should always think “outside the box.” Bruno Misonne takes this expression very seriously. This is because he not only thinks this way; he composes music this way! This figurative container cannot restrict the unique stylistic sounds that make up Misonne’s muse. This is because he always composes “outside the box.”

Misonne’s musical style is challenging to label by any comparison. He even invented a genre he calls Aviation Music. His arrangements are best described as an avant-garde amalgam of classical, electronic and instrumental music. The music critic, Serge Kozlovsky, described Misonne's music as “A breath of fresh air on a journey to new unknown lands.” Others have called him Belgium’s most innovative composer.

Indeed, Misonne takes the listener on a journey. However, Bruno’s own musical expedition originates in Bierges, Belgium. Bruno calls this petite and picturesque village near Brussels home. His rare musical forte is the culmination of a lifelong interest in classical music [...]